How to Point Axes of Poses to Given Direction

Hi there, we have received the test results for the model matching, but the X and Y axes are not as we expected. Could you please assist us in rotating the axes in the desired direction?

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1.1. Steps to Follow

1.1. Utilize the “Transform Poses” after the 3D matching process.

1.2. Employ “Easy Create Pose” to generate the desired orientation.

1.3. Finally, apply “Point Axes of Poses” to align with the given direction.

The following steps can be taken within Mech-Vision

2. Pose Creation

Tips: You can use Mech-Viz to help locate the reference poses.

2.1. Launch Mech-Viz and start a new project.

2.2. Choose the fixed-point movement option and select the workobject poses.

2.3. Drag the TCP upwards of the workobject.

2.4 Click on “Edit Pose” and then copy the pose.

2.5 Paste the copied pose here.

3 . Align Point Axes of Poses to Given Direction


4 . Final Result