How to open the visualization of the vision result poses in the point cloud?

In the Mech-Vision 1.7.1, how can I make the poses in the vision result shown in the point cloud? So I can see their position and orientations relative to the point cloud.

Open Mech-Vision, select debug output and make sure it is the same as shown in the image.

To examine the matching results

Ensure that the visualization of fine matching (the eye icon under the arrow) is activated by clicking the button as shown in the image.

Then click the arrow button as shown in below image.

This will show the relationship between the point cloud and the poses on the right-hand side.

To examine the ultimate output results

Because the final output’s poses should be defined within the robot’s coordinate system, you need to transform the point cloud into the robot’s coordinate system.
Then, couple the final output’s poses with the appropriately transformed point cloud, and connect the output ports of the poses and the point cloud respectively to Step “Show Point Clouds and Poses”.

Click the top-right arrow button on Step “Show Point Clouds and Poses” to display the poses and the point cloud in the debug output section on the right.