How to determine whether a robot brand is compatible with Mech-Mind's vision system

All the robots could be compatible with Mech-Mind 3D vision system in two different ways.

Firstly, more than 40 robot brands are already compatible with Mech-Mind system.
You can check the compatible brand package of detailed model in the Docs.
And the robot models can be downloaded here in community from:

Secondly, if the robot is not supported now, there are two ways to build the connection.
① If vision system only sends the picking coordinates to robot, and Mech-Viz does not control robot,
we provide standard interface which supports TCP/IP, Profinet, Ethernet. The robot engineer only needs to write some scripts in the robot program, then robot and vision system could communicate; If the robot engineer couldn’t write communication program, we will help to write an adapter which will enable
the robot to communicate with our vision system.
② If customer wants to use Mech-Viz to control the robot, they need to provide us the physical robot
and controller. Then our engineer could develop and integrate the robot into Mech-Viz, which takes around 3-4 weeks.