Choosing the output box dimensions from Mech-Vision between the standard dimensions and the calculated values

In a scenario where multi-block suction cups are used for multi-picking cardboard boxes,

Which box dimensions should be output from Mech-Vision?

  1. The dimensions calculated from the extracted point cloud of the boxes
  2. The standard dimensions of the box sent from the upper system.

Because there is a discrepancy between the two, which could be focused on and for suction cup block planning?

Single-specification boxes, with box dimensions sent by the upper system.

We use a vaccum gripper that has multiple suction cup blocks on it and the model of the gripper is used for path planning and collision detection with the boxes to pick.



In real-world scenarios, box dimensions can vary slightly from standard one. To prevent collisions and similar issues during the depalletizing process, it is better that you use dimensions calculated from the actual point cloud data.